Frecuently Asked Questions

Subscrimia will add a recurring interval option for your desired products to offer them as a subscription. Once your customer selects this option, our code will redirect your customer to our customized checkout (which looks like Bigcommerce's checkout) and process the order. You and your customer will be notified about the new subscription active in our system.
You can test a full checkout flow as a customer using our Test Store (no credit card info required) CLIK HERE

Subscrimia provides a subscription manager portal hosted in Bigcommerce, this way your customers doesn't have to leave your store anytime a subscription change is needed. Here you have a live example of how it looks like in our demo site. CLICK HERE

Once your customer purchases a subscription our app will manage the next recurring order. On the day scheduled for next delivery, Subscrimia will process the payment and submit the order to Bigcommerce so you can see it in your Bigcommerce Orders list. No store admin or customer interaction is needed for this.

All the orders processed by our app (Subscription Checkout and Recurring Orders) will be submitted to your Bigcommerce Store, so you will be able to see them in your Order list.

Subscrimia only stores a reference to the credit card information which is stored in your payment gateway (like Stripe or Braintree). The credit card data is never sent to Subscrimia server.

You have complete control over the billing cycle of your customers, so you can trigger payments/order processing by your own using our dashboard. To do this, you just need to search the order in our order list, click on the Subscription Management Link and click on Pay Now button in order list.

If your subscription product run out of stock in Bigcommerce, Subscrimia will not process the payments from your customers. You can handle these situations adding stock to it in Bigcommerce (info here) and processing the order manually. Another option is to remove the product from the current order and process it with the other products that are available in the store. For this, you will need to cancel the subscription item.